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”Torsås Kustmiljögrupp” signifies Torsås Coastal Environmental Group, consisting of 20 different coastal environmental associations. Our activities include e.g. coordinating and giving priority to costal environmental planning and solutions, cooperating in arrangements of regular coastal environmental conferences and so on.

We thus actively work for improved coastal surroundings in the district of Torsås, and are worried about the fact that our creeks and straits along the coast from time to time become filled up with reed and other deep-rooted bottom plants. We have observed that thread-slimmed algae increasingly cover and choke the rockweed and other deep-rooted bottom plants, which previously have contributed to a good water quality and constituted nourishment and hold for fish larvae. Fishes like pike and perch are nowadays almost missing in our coastal waters.

For further information is referred to the members of the committee of “Torsås Kustmiljögrupp”. Click on the blue text to get information about us.

Explanation of words
Ordförande: President.  Kassör: Treasurer.  Sekreterare: Secretary.  Ledamot: Member. Ersättare(Suppleant): Substitute. 

Background – (summary)

In the summer of 1997 the “Ragnabo Miljöförening” was founded with the object to work with matters concerning costal environmental problems, such as improving the waters along the coast. With personal idealistic efforts and support from the municipality of Torsås, companies as well as the Regional Federation and allowances from EU, one succeeded in doing this. When people observed what was obtained, new groups with the same goal were founded. At present, connected to the “Torsås Kustmiljögrupp”, there are 20 groups further working at these problems. Taking part in these projects were also the University of Stockholm, University of Kalmar, the municipality of Torsås, fishermen by trade, Ministry of Environment and so forth. In common they searched for solutions.

In 2000 a survey of the condition of the coastal waters of the municipality of Torsås was carried out.

After that, in 2001, supported by the municipality of Torsås, a conference was arranged where a plan was approved, by which above all dealt with reduction of detrimental effects on the coastal waters by emission from the agricultural regions. An inventory of the farming in our district was also carried out.

In 2002/2003 canals were cut in some creeks in order to improve the flow of water.

The communication between “Eneskärsviken” and “Kitteln” was reopened by building the Eneskärsbridge and by the Saltskärsbridge.

Seven countries, among others Sweden, Denmark and Germany, are together working at improving the water of the Baltic in a project called “Baltcoast”. “Torsås Kustmiljögrupp” takes an active part in this project.

In the autumn of 2003 a third environmental conference took place in Bergkvara, as well as another one in 2005. A plan, having in view the protection of coastal waters, was presented, the so called “Kustvårdsplanen”.

All this has been financed by Torsås municipality, Baltcoast, EU and Kalmar municipal union.

Accordingly “Kustmiljögruppen” strives to work with urgent problems as well as long-term plans.